Healthy Baby Program

The Healthy Baby program at Youville Community Health Centre encompasses a team of outreach workers, a clinical nurse, and a registered dietitian to support families who are expecting and have […]

APIN Conference 2024

APIN ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2024 Featuring Dr. Michael Ungar “Nurturing Resilience: The Many Ways Parents, Service Providers and Communities can Help Children Thrive” APIN was excited to host its Annual Conference […]

YFC Young Parents Program

The Young Parents Program serves to engage and encourage young families through relational community, while equipping and empowering them toward growth in all areas of life.  We offer resources and […]

Project Choices

Project Choices is program offered in Winnipeg that opens up conversations around alcohol, sex and birth control. This program will be most relevant for folks who drink alcohol, are sexually […]

Milk Mentors

The Milk Mentors Program is a free program for parents in Manitoba who are looking for support with breast/chestfeeding, pumping, and combo-feeding their babies. We offer 1:1 support via phone, […]

Elmwood Infant Lab

The Elmwood Infant Lab is a safe space for young parents to have their babies (ages 8 weeks to 2 years) at school while the parent(s) finish high school credits.  […]

Marymound Young Parents Program

Offering young parents support and guidance with child rearing skills while they transition to independent living. Marymound’s Young Parents Program provides young parents and moms-to-be with hands-on assistance in raising […]

Superdads Superkids Warrior Caregiver Program

The SuperDads SuperKids Warrior Caregiver Program is a 14 week, interactive program for male-identifying caregivers and the children they are raising. This unique program takes place at Mount Carmel Clinic […]

Adolescent Parent Day 2023

Adolescent Parent Day 2023 APIN is again pleased to have hosted its annual Adolescent Parent Day!  The event was held at the Norwood Hotel on October 26th, 2023 and a […]

My Story

Blog provided by Resources for Adolescent Parents (RAP).  It has been written by a young parent. My story is about memories from my childhood.  It represents a time in my […]