Milk Mentors
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The Milk Mentors Program is a free program for parents in Manitoba who are looking for support with breast/chestfeeding, pumping, and combo-feeding their babies. We offer 1:1 support via phone, text, email or video chat, as well as in-person group support at community partners throughout the province. Led by trained Peer Mentors with lived experience, we aim to support parents from all walks of life to achieve their milk-feeding goals in a safe and welcoming space. 

Based off a successful model in Ontario called Breastfeeding Buddies, our program launched in January 2023 and has connected with parents to help them feel empowered in their feeding journey, while connecting them with resources and cheering them on. We feel lucky to walk alongside parents as they navigate this stage and support them with zero judgement.  Milk Mentors is open to anyone who is pregnant or postpartum and would like to connect with a Mentor to chat. For more information, please visit our social media @MilkMentors.MB or email our Peer Connector, Robyn Brown, at