Elmwood Infant Lab
Full length of aged 16-17 years old who is beautiful with blond hair generation z baby - human age junior high student walking wearing backpack who is listening and holding car safety seat and using headphones

The Elmwood Infant Lab is a safe space for young parents to have their babies (ages 8 weeks to 2 years) at school while the parent(s) finish high school credits.  Our program is especially designed for young parent(s), under the age of 18, who are eager to fulfill their high school education.  They can depend on the Infant Lab supervisor, EA, student helpers and other young parents and babies to create a healthy environment for themselves and their children.  Young mothers and fathers have the opportunity to share their experiences with other young families, and their children can interact and play with other babies.  While parents continue their academic education, we provide a safe environment for baby during the school day.  At Elmwood, we offer a class to develop parenting skills, parental care and skills for independent living.

For more information, please contact Joanne Brugger at 204-667-8823 or jbrugger@wsd1.org