Marymound Young Parents Program

Offering young parents support and guidance with child rearing skills while they transition to independent living.

Marymound’s Young Parents Program provides young parents and moms-to-be with hands-on assistance in raising their child(ren). This includes healthy pregnancy support, respite, parental skill building, healthy nutrition and environment, finding appropriate childcare and managing any risk to parent and baby. Recognizing that mom’s health and well-being affects a baby’s health and overall achievement of developmental milestones.
Additionally, young parents are assisted with securing independent housing, education
and post-secondary planning, employment, money management, health, and navigating community and mental health resources. All while developing their interpersonal, communication, and relationship building skills with one-on-one facilitators.
Any young parent, of any gender, between the ages of 16 and 21 who is currently in the
care of a child welfare agency is eligible for a referral.

  • Ongoing intake
  • Direct referrals
  • 20 – 40 hours of in-home support
  • Ongoing treatment planning
  • Support for reunification of mom and child(ren) where applicable
  • Resource centre/drop-in support services
  • After hours OnCall support
  • Access to spiritual, cultural and bursary programs
  • Weekly focus on nutrition and food, healthy living activities and pyscho-educational programming

For more information please contact Marymound Independent Options/Young Parents Program
204-771-3738 /

Marymound Independent Options/Young Parents Program
349 College Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2W 1M2