Superdads Superkids Warrior Caregiver Program

The SuperDads SuperKids Warrior Caregiver Program is a 14 week, interactive program for male-identifying caregivers and the children they are raising. This unique program takes place at Mount Carmel Clinic and works with Dads in a way that demonstrates their value, builds on their strengths, and works to address barriers that many Dads face on a daily basis.  

The SuperDads SuperKids Warrior Caregiver Program focuses on:

  • Traditional approach to fatherhood
  • Using Indigenous teachings and ceremonies as tools
  • Deepen their connection with their children
  • Learn about their children and their needs
  • Role modeling for their children
  • Playing, communicating, engagement and FUN!

SuperDads SuperKids Warrior Caregiver Program is deeply rooted in traditional Indigenous teachings and ceremonies. Dads involved in SuperDads SuperKids have access to a Knowledge Keeper, traditional medicines, sharing circles, land based teachings and a sweatlodge.  Children are encouraged to attend with their fathers so they can work together in attachment based crafts and activities. This supports strengthening the bond of the father/child relationship as well as devoting specific time to focus only on their children. SuperDads Superkids also offers child-minding so Dads can have some time to focus on themselves and reflect on their role as a father.

The next SuperDads Superkids Warrior Caregiver Program is scheduled to start in January 2024.

Please contact Genevieve Bauer at Mount Carmel Clinic for more information: