Project Choices
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Project Choices is program offered in Winnipeg that opens up conversations around alcohol, sex and birth control. This program will be most relevant for folks who drink alcohol, are sexually active and may become pregnant.

Project Choices counsellors meet one on one with participants for four sessions. We can meet at a place that is convenient for you and there are wellness items offered at each session. We work through a book together and offer information and feedback specific to your life to help you make healthy decisions for yourself about alcohol use and contraception. This program is based on information and respect – no one will tell you do or that you have to change. You will also have the option to meet with a nurse to discuss birth control options.

There are a variety of complex reasons that may lead to drinking while pregnant and/or struggling with birth control. Project Choices wants to support people who can pregnant in making healthy choices that make sense for them.

If you are interested in taking Project Choices or would like more information you can call:

NorWest: 204-938-5941

Klinic: 204-784-4072