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Villa Rosa

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Villa Rosa was established in 1898 in Winnipeg, and has provided services to over 15,000 people. Residents at Villa Rosa live at Villa Rosa free of charge. If they come from living on a First Nation, a per diem is paid by a third party. We provide education, health, and social services during and after pregnancy.  We also offer individual counselling, life skills, parenting skills, community outreach to more than 400 people each year. Those coming to Villa Rosa for pregnancy and parenting support have ranged from 11 – 49, but there is no age restriction for our services.

What Do We Do?

  • Provide a safe place to live during and after pregnancy
  • Pre-natal care, Counselling and life skills training
  • Opportunities for personal growth
  • Provide access to community services such as midwives, the medical system, and elders
  • Offer an education program to get back to or stay in school
  • In some cases, a Post Natal apartment on-site is available for up to a year as they continue in school and programming at Villa Rosa
  • Scholarships available for post secondary training or education

What is the impact of what we do?

  • Healthy pregnancies leading to the birth of healthy babies
  • Offer the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and abuse
  • 96% of Villa Rosa babies weighed over the recommended healthy birth weight in 2020-21
  • Staying in school; the beginning of a path to self sufficiency
  • Breastfeeding initiation rates at Villa Rosa are consistently higher than the national average of 75%
  • Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder; therefore less likely to be dependent on our health and social systems

How Do We Do It?

  • Villa Rosa strives to have an alcohol and drug free environment
  • Good nutrition
  • 24-hour breastfeeding support
  • On-site school with four teachers
  • Counselling, programming available in a supportive, non-judgmental environment
  • On-site pre natal classes and access to medical care


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