The Parenting Student Support Program
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The Parenting Student Support Program (also known as PSSP) is a free program for parents (Moms &
Dads) who are pregnant, parenting or have children in care and are between the ages of 13-35 years old,
living in Winnipeg and are in school/college/university or have plans to return.
PSSP is a unique program with Mount Carmel Clinic that supports parents to develop positive, nurturing,
healthy attachments with their children, while juggling the many responsibilities of being a student.
Participants receive support and guidance with overcoming challenges related to:

  • Achieving educational goals.
  • Child welfare and positive parenting.
  • Employment Income assistance and food security.
  • CFS and Justice advocacy.
  • Access prenatal/perinatal healthcare and Midwifery services.
  • Find Education/training that suits you.
  • Create a realistic plan for success in parenting and education.
  • Find affordable housing and childcare.
  • Manage money and budgeting.
  • Manage personal issues like self-esteem, grief, loss and abuse.
  • Access traditional Indigenous teachings, elders and ceremonies.

The Parenting Student Support Program places an emphasis on empowering young parents to become
their own best advocates, to recognize and use their abilities, strengths and potential to create positive
changes in their lives. Receive support in achieving your educational/parenting goals and be the best
parent you can be!

Participation is based on self-referral. Please contact the PSSP coordinator, Genevieve Bauer for more

Genevieve Bauer
Facebook: Genevieve PSSP