In-Home Family Support Program

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What is the In-Home Family Support program?
The In-Home Family Support program provides short-term (typically 3-6 months) practical assistance to families to aid in restoring, supporting and enhancing family functioning, child development, parent-child relationships, and parental health.  This includes assistance with child care, household management and parenting, as well as emotional support and encouragement during difficult circumstances.

A Family Support Coordinator will visit your family at home to assess your situation and together you will create a service plan to address your needs.  A Family Support Worker will then be matched to your family and provide you with regularly scheduled in-home support.  A Family Support Worker may assist you with: care of your children, light housekeeping and meal preparation (when part of the service plan), emotional support, parental guidance, and connection to additional community resources.  The Family Support Coordinator will maintain regular contact through phone and follow-up home visits, to assist you in working towards your goals and to ensure that you are receiving the support you need.

You may qualify for service if you have young children living in your home, your family has limited resources available to help, and you are experiencing a difficult time.  Some examples of situations that the program assists with include:

  • changes in physical or mental well being
  • injury, illness or medical recovery
  • relationship change or loss
  • birth of multiples
  • child/ren with behavioral or developmental concerns
  • a family member has a disability

There is a waitlist for this program. Please contact the intake line at 204-947-1401 to find out if you are eligible and to complete an initial assessment.  There is no fee for this program.